CogInsight isintegrated middleware for building, operating, and managing interactive chatbots based on proven global machine learning platforms.

Are you preparing to build natural language-based text, image, or voice chatbot services?

CogInsight’s integrated middleware is powered by IBM Watson Assist (formerly Watson Conversation Service) and Microsoft Luis-based natural language recognition and processing.
It is a proven service solution with successful case studies that accommodates enterprise-sized businesses for Korean, English, and Japanese language services.
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60% of all life insurance industry’ sales people in Korea use TouchHub Central to manage their customers.

60% of all life insurance’ sales people in Korea use TouchHub Central to manage their customers.

TouchHub Central helps your sales staff integrate and manage their non-face-to-face customer contact channels, so they can be in contact 24 hours a day all year round. Our smallest clients have at least 200 dedicated sales staff, and our largest have over 30,000.

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SaaS (Software as a Service)

TouchHub Central is provided through a proven cloud environment, and based on common features and technologies.

  • Message driven API system

    Rapid deployment, integration, and expansion based on RESTful API.

  • Connect with every stakeholders

    Supports a wide range of connected networks based on APIs for infrastructure, security, messaging, data, and other external service platforms.

  • Save The Cost

    We guarantee price competitiveness throughout the installation, operation, and management of our service.

Focus on your CUSTOMER

Focus on your Customer

TouchHub helps you make sure your sale staff is focusing on the customer by giving them the tools for planning, implementation, analysis, customer contact, and new insight acquisition.