A market proven integrated solution that helps enterprise-sized businesses manage their customers



Integrate All Non-Face-to-Face Contact Channels

Bring together more than 10 customer contact channels including email, text messaging, DM, mobile vouchers, POP, courier and parcel delivery services, and fax services together into a single service.

Automate Online and Offline Services

Combining and automating services such as email, text messaging, and delivery can improve productivity and reduce costs.

History and Statistics on Customer Contact

TouchHub Central allows individual salespeople and their managers to view a variety of statistics on customer engagement, so they can find any areas in need of improvement.

Multi-Device Support

Supports most network-connected devices including iOS and Android tablets and phones, some smart watches (including the Apple Watch), and a web-based application.

Easy Integration With Existing CRM / SFA / Campaign / ERP / SCM Systems

TouchHub Central's API provides businesses with a quick and easy integration with their legacy systems, so customers are never affected.

Automate Action Plan / Schedule / Calendar

Automate customer contact action plans to be carried out on customer birthday, anniversaries, and special dates at the individual user or company-wide level.

Encryption of Personal Information and Data Management

TouchHub Central uses AES256, SHA2, and SSL to stay in compliance with South Korea's most stringent customer information and data protection laws.


TouchHub Central is offered as a fully integrated cloud-based application that includes back office, API, billing, and encryption.


User Application

TouchHub central provides cross-browser compatibility and functionality for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, as well as a web-based application.

Wearable Device

Allows location-based reminders, and one-click customer support for Android and iOS smart watches.


Provide sales managers, marketing managers, and administrators with contact history and system usage through tables, charts, and data.

Integration/API System

Secure API library provides the necessary linkage of your company's internal users, organization al information, customer information, and product information.


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