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Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider uses TouchHub Central to save its sales team time, and the company money

Prior to adopting TouchHub Central, Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider used more than 20 different vendors to fulfill its customer service needs. These vendors included printing services, packaging services, logistics companies (3PL), and email and messaging services. The use of multiple vendors, and lack of integration with a single management solution, created a variety of issues related to tracking, data management, and payment settlement.

With TouchHub Central, Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider gets all of its vendors in one place. This means that their sales force no longer has to juggle more than 20 different websites to make sure that all of their orders for printed sales materials, marketing collateral, and conversion and retention gifts are completed. They can login to TouchHub Central, and get all of that information in one place. This has cut back on redundancies in customer contact, and made checking on the status of deliveries faster and easier.

This in turn has made work easier for the sales staff, and for the CRM administrator. By integrating TouchHub Central with legacy CRM systems, all data is now in one place, which cuts down on duplicates, and makes it easier to manage. Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider’s CRM administrator and sales management team has access to all employee records through TouchHub Central’s Admin Console.

TouchHub Central also helped Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider automate its shipping and Direct Marketing (DM) output. Printing, packaging, and mailing is now fully automated, so they don’t have to worry about their sales staff using large chunks of time on logistical issues, or asking sales support to hire more logistics staff. It is all handled by CJ Korea Express, Korea’s top 3PL/4PL provider and OpenMate, Korea’s top small package courier service.

Finally, TouchHub Central gave the entire sales staff the ability to have all their customer information and metrics on their mobile devices. With so many vendors, Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider’s management system was desktop PC-only. TouchHub Central not only brought all of the vendors into one easy-to-use solution, it gave them the ability to access the solution on all mobile devices.

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results overview

After their first year with TouchHub Central, Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider saw their costs drop 17% on average.
This was accomplished by reducing both their management costs, and their actual costs on logistics services, printing, and gift products.

Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider saw a 60% increase in customer contact activity in their first year using TouchHub Central.
By adopting TouchHub Central, Korea’s Largest Life Insurance Provider also trimmed over $200,000 from their annual IT budget without losing any customer contact functions.

unit costs

per print
$0.60 $0.40

per delivery
$2.80 $2.20

per gift
$10 $9

managing costs

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